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Peter H. Wernicke
The Law Office of Peter H. Wernicke specializes in the field of Civil Law which includes everyday matters like divorces, civil litigation, personal injury and more. Practicing as an Orange County Divorce Attorney, he deals with cases all over Southern California including but not limited to Orange County, Los Angeles, Cucamonga and Riverside.

PresaleTicketing is a one of a kind Ticketing/Sales/Marketing/Accounting system that empowers small businesses with the most advanced enterprise ticketing solution to date.
Designed and developed a Perl based Web interface for compressed log display and created databases for tech support.

PDA Solutions
Development of applications for the Newton Message Pad.

Developed Cold Fusion scripts for internal support.

Ron Wolf and Associates
Software and database development. Algorithm development for data analysis and management.

Web Design.

Tatung Telecom
Wireless communication systems.

University of California Santa Barbara
Consulting, expansion, and management of University network infrastructure.

Electronic Arts Lab
Engineered and implemented a user interface for an autonomous agent based data mining application. Autonomous agents are software entities that are capable of independent action in dynamic, unpredictable environments. Created and implemented two and three-dimensional graphics engines to store and display network topologies in an autonomous agent system.

Sonic Finance
Online business-to-business solution designed to streamline the loan approval process. Sonic's DOT (Dealer On-Line Terminal) system expedites loan approvals between automobile dealerships and banks with improved accuracy, saving both time and money.

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